Baby Slick


My name is Jonny Slick and my amazing wife is named Rachel. Rachel lives with Cystic Fibrosis and received a double lung transplant in February of 2011, after being sick in the hospital just 1 month after we got married. Her lung function had gotten down to just 23%, but now her beautiful new lungs are performing over 100% of what doctors estimate that they should be. Still though, she has many other issues that come with CF, and will always be on immunosuppression drugs to keep her body from
rejecting the lungs. As a result, we can’t have children
of our own, but have always wanted kids.

So after years of praying, we’ve made the decision to adopt through Bethany Christian Services. It will be a domestic infant adoption, meaning our first child will come from the US a few days after his or her birth. The costs of this type of adoption is high due to many of the fees going to help support the birth mother during her pregnancy, as well as supporting her after the adoption.

The fees are spread out over the adoption process and range from $50 to $10,000 with a total cost of over $30,000. We appreciate any help that you can give us as we continue on this incredible journey to welcome a child who needs a home into ours.

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Our goal is $30,000!
Check back often to see our progress!
Thank you for helping us bring home Baby Slick!